Crisis management, he knows: 10 things to know about Emmanuel Moulin, new director of the Treasury

This is the most prestigious and sought-after position at Bercy.The Director of the Treasury holds the hand of the Minister of Finance to define the country's economic policy.He negotiates with his peers to make the euro zone work.He also heads the Club de Paris, where the loans of over-indebted countries are being renegotiated.He reigns over an administration of 1,400 enarques and polytechnicians, including 700 in embassies, a concentrate of gray matter at the forefront of economic diplomacy.In short, Emmanuel Moulin will have as much to be able to this position than by being director of cabinet of Bruno Le Maire.

He is delighted, thinking of the many trips he will be able to make with Bruno Le Maire: meeting of European finance ministers (Ecofin and Eurogroup), G7, G20… “but they will take me from my office to the videoconference room of the ministry! He jokes.

He does not only like those of the G7 or the G20.In 2019, he did Mont Blanc and, as a departure gift from Bruno Le Maire's cabinet, his colleagues offered him the ascent of Mont Rose, in the border of Swiss Valais and the country of Aosta.A fan of snow sports, he also practices cross-country skiing, from Saint-Gervais to the islands of Svalbard, in the north of Norway.


He smiles himself: “When I get somewhere, the crisis is not far away."In 2007, alongside Christine Lagarde in Bercy, he weathered the subprime storm and the bankruptcy of the Dexia bank.He then joined Nicolas Sarkozy at the Elysee Palace to face the crisis in the euro zone.That of the Covid n He has nothing to envy them.His calm, his good humor are appreciated in these moments of hyper tension.He does not hide it, the crises, he likes it:

Posted Date: 2020-11-17

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